10 Often-Forgotten Items You Better Stockpile For Winter

By Kathy Bernier

10 Often-Forgotten Items You Better Stockpile For Winter

Image source: Pixabay.com

The sun is beating down, it’s somewhere around 80 degrees in the shade, there are hot dogs and fresh corn-on-the-cob corn on the grill, and the kids are splashing around in the pool. What time is it? It’s time to start stockpiling for winter, of course.

Even though it seems like snow and cold are in the far-distant future, there is no better time to start collecting necessities for winter than right now. By “winter necessities,” I do not mean items which are specifically related to weather, like snow shovels and roof rakes and sidewalk salt and windshield scrapers or winter clothing like sweaters and hats and mittens and boots. Although I would never discourage you from acquiring any of those things now if you can, there might not be adequate selections in stores quite yet.

I also am not referencing food. Most of us who are either off-gridders or homesteaders or preppers—or some combination of all three—keep a pretty good stockpile of food most of the time. In fact, canning garden produce and making big batches of cheese to put in the freezer are probably a couple of the activities we’re doing while the kids are swimming.

And even those who do not raise and preserve their own food often keep the larder full of store-bought non-perishables like grains and pasta and dry beans and canned goods. If your supplies of food are low right now, however, this is definitely the time to build them back up.

Water, too, is something that many people store all year long. But those of us who live out in the country know there is a greater chance during winter of being either without power or holed up at home during inclement weather, and recognize the need for storing water for other reasons, as well. Click to see the original article