10 Weirdest Things Discovered INSIDE Animals

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10 strange things discovered inside the stomachs of animals.
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Although many animals have high levels of intelligence, there are a few things you just can’t get them to understand. Aside from the obvious, like holding a conversation or asking for directions, most animals also struggle to differentiate between what’s safe to eat and what could potentially cause a lot of damage. It’s for this reason that most animals are carefully fed a special diet in captivity. But you can’t control all animals, especially those in the wild. A human thumb, hundreds of coins, and an entire wall of greenhouse plastic sheeting are just some of the weird items that animals have been able to gobble up. But some domestic animals need more guidance than we previously assumed. And it seems that no matter how hard that we try to keep them away from the stuff that’s harmful, these animals are determined to get their paws on it.

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