12 Unique Ways Shoelaces Could Save Your Life

By Survival Life

12 Unique Ways Shoelaces Could Save Your Life | Survival Life

Have you ever thought of other uses for shoelaces? I have always tried to come up with unique methods when it comes to survival ideas. That is why I keep surfing the web for new life hacks and other prepping goals.

Shoelaces: A Very Unlikely Survival Tool

So, instead of purchasing expensive gadgets to increase my chances of survival, I have shifted my focus to using everyday items. One of these items is my shoe laces. Other than keeping my shoe tight and snug, shoe laces can do many wonders I wouldn’t normally think about other than using it as a tourniquet or to tie something with. So here’s what I found out on the wonders my shoe laces can do for me if ever I get caught in a bind.

1. As A Tourniquet

As A Tourniquet | 12 Unique Ways Shoelaces Could Save Your Life
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This is the quickest use for a shoelace–to stop someone from bleeding from a wound. It can also be applied in case you get bit by a venomous snake to slow down the spreading of the poison throughout the body. Caveat: Since shoelaces are too narrow to stop nearly all bleeding of the arteries, it may cause nerve and tissue damage.

2. Tarp Or Poncho Shelter

You can use your shoelaces as a substitute for rope or a string to hold your tarp or poncho in place should you need to build a quick shelter. Tie the two shoelaces together and tie it between two trees before hanging your poncho or tarp over the laces. Then you can hold the edges in place with wooden spikes.

3. Bow And Drill Fire Starter

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