3 unusual examples why strategic prepping is important

By Pat McLene

Man in camo

This week’s recommended prepper website is Simply Canning. Simply Canning is not a generalist prepper site per se, but it’s one of the best webpages out there for practical food preservation ideas and instruction. The site is run by Sharon Peterson, and it’s chock-full of great information on all the different ways to grow, preserve and use food. Mrs. Peterson provides you with much of the information you need, not just on canning, but on freezing, dehydrating, freeze-drying and other forms of food storage and preservation. It’s a great site and a lot of fun to browse. Mrs. Peterson also has a number of books and instructional videos available for view or purchase. If you want to know how to put up the food that you’ll need to survive long-term, this is a great starting point.

Simply Canning

Last week, I started talking about the need for strategic thinking as a prepper. But rather than just local strategic thinking, the kind that all preppers should be doing to determine the best courses for security, food storage and infrastructure, it is important – no, imperative – that any prepper worthy of the name keep his eyes on the bigger picture as well.

At least a couple of times in my previous columns, I’ve talked about the need to create a threat potential grid. This grid plots the likelihood of a potential threat versus the severity of that threat. And as I’ve said any number of times, it always makes sense to prepare first for the most likely events, as opposed to the most potentially devastating. Usually this means first preparing for events that can occur locally. But it’s Click to see the original article