7 common prepping mistakes

By Pat McLene

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Last week’s column on the constitutionality of legalizing marijuana was a real humdinger, at least as far commentary was concerned. Last time I looked, there were 190 posts. I’m heartened to see so many of my readers got the point. Of course, there was the usual crowd who just couldn’t seem to understand that marijuana was not the subject of the column.

You know, back in 2008, President George W. Bush was interviewed by CNN on his policies with the then-ongoing economic crash. I’ll never forget the most important takeaway line from that interview, when Mr. Bush said: “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system.”

Similarly, far too many proto-conservatives are all too willing to abandon or ignore the Constitution to “save” it. If you fall into that category, then just remember one thing: If the Constitution of the United States is not the supreme law of the land, then all it is is a piece of interesting ephemera in a glass box. And if the sovereign states that make up our united nation are not protected by the federal-limiting power of that Constitution, then we might as well bust the borders and drop three words off the name of our country.

Now, on to other things. Today I want to go over some of the common mistakes made by new and not-so-new preppers. I’ve done this before piece-meal, but these potential errors bear repeating. One of the major points of this column is to get new preppers walking the path that leads to self-dependence, and to provide guideposts along the journey. There’s no reason each new traveler on that road needs to reinvent the wheel.

So below are some of the most common prepper errors.

Failing to adequately determine realistic risks

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