A Bad Review

By David (admin)

Bad Review

Bad Review

A couple of months ago someone wrote a bad/one star review of my first book, The Ultimate Guide to Unarmed Self Defense, on Amazon.com. There are two unfortunate aspects to this review. First, it is entirely wrong. And second, it caused my book sales to immediately drop by about 75%. I’m going to address the points this person made in the review here on my blog.

You can see the bad review here.

I think the main reason he disliked the book was due to his misunderstanding regarding this sentence that he wrote: “The author’s insistence that sport based fighting form the base for real world self defense was also highly suspect.

On both my website and in my book, I explain that the foundation of unarmed physical self defense training should be what I call the MMA Base, which is simply training punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and wrestling against an uncooperative opponent. If you do not train these most common techniques against an uncooperative opponent, then you cannot learn to defend against them. Period. Many martial arts practitioners do not realize this. It should be entirely uncontroversial, but unfortunately it isn’t. In order to learn to defend against something, you have to actually train against it!

But the MMA Base is not self defense, and I’ve never said that it is. The MMA Base is one small part of self defense. Self defense involves a combination of strategy, training methods, and techniques that include awareness and prevention, unarmed physical self defense, and armed physical self defense. The MMA Base is only one part of unarmed physical self defense training and techniques. Awareness and prevention are far more important than the MMA Base, for example. Click to see the original article      

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