A Four-Seasons Emergency Plan: Summer Survival

By The Survival Mom


Not long ago I was feeling pretty good about my food storage and other preps, perhaps even a bit smug, until someone asked, “Are you stocked up on potassium iodide tablets?”

“What??” was my incredulous response.

After some research at I discovered a significant gap in all my survival preparation. I had not considered how my family would survive a nuclear blast. How foolish of me to overlook that contingency!

The truth is that it’s impossible to prepare for every possible scenario. There are just too many variables. To make the task more manageable, set a seasonal preparedness goal. Right now it’s summer in Arizona, and oh so hot! Preparing for a summer evacuation or crisis is different than for other seasons. If a sudden emergency happened during the summer, how would you need to be prepared? What are your summer survival plans?

The Basics

First on the list, make sure there is plenty of stored water in each vehicle. This is true for any season, but especially so during the summer. If there is the possibility of a disruption in your home water supply, buy and fill 55-gallon water barrels. One barrel per person would be a good rule of thumb for a three-week supply of water.

To ensure your water is safe from dangerous microbes, follow these instructions for water purification. If you live in a rural setting or spend a lot of time camping and hiking, stock up on water purification tablets also in case you have to rely on a possibly contaminated water source, such as a lake, pond, or stream.

Food is an obvious second priority. The food in your Vehicle 72 Hour Kit should be safe in high temperatures. In fact, do a quick Click to see the original article      

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