After Congress Failed, Trump Takes Action Against ObamaCare



An executive order by President Trump has been signed which aims to take action on ObamaCare after Congress failed to repeal the bad legislation. The new order is “starting that process” of repeal, said President Trump on Thursday, and will give the “first steps to providing millions of Americans with ObamaCare relief,” Trump said. Officials within the administration have said this is just the begging in regards to actions concerning the health law. The plan has the potential to undermine the stability of ObamaCare markets, warned experts, by making cheaper plans accessible to healthier people; taking them away from ObamaCare plans. (Um duh, that is probably the point.) Via the Hill: Democrats warn that the order is part of Trump’s larger plan to “sabotage” the health law and accomplish on his own what Congress could not. The full extent of the effects will not be immediately clear. The executive order largely does not make changes itself; rather it directs agencies to issue new regulations or guidance. Those new rules will go through a notice and comment period that could take months, officials said. The president’s order has the goal to expand a small business and other groups’ ability ‘to band together to buy health insurance through what are known as association health plans (AHPs). It also lifts limits on short-term health insurance plans,’ continues the Hill. Because both of these types of plans do not have to follow the same ObamaCare rules, such as minimum benefits standards, experts warn that healthier people could join these cheaper plans and leave only sicker people in ObamaCare plans. That could lead to a spike in premiums for ObamaCare plans or insurers simply dropping out of the market. The move is a Click to see the original article      

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