Always have plenty of food – not just today



There’s nothing more satisfying than giving someone you love the perfect gift. Whether it’s a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, an anniversary gift or just an I’m-thinking-of-you gift, joy and satisfaction always tend to come back to the giver. It’s part of human nature.

Psychologists say it is often the giver, rather than the recipient, who reaps the biggest gains from a gift. The act of giving to others reinforces our feelings for them and makes us feel effective and caring, according to Ellen Langer, a Harvard psychology professor. Think about the overwhelming sense of satisfaction you feel when you see the recipient of your gift beaming with gratitude.

Not only that, but gift-giving can strengthen bonds with others.

“There is the whole act – determining what needs to be given and making sure it fits with the person,” says Devin Byrd, associate professor and chair of the Department of Behavioral Sciences at South University-Savannah. “There is an emotional lift when searching for the gift.”

Of course, the nature of the ideal gift depends on who the recipient is. But everyone loves a thoughtful gift, as opposed to a lazy or stereotypical gift. So next time, instead of falling back on the tired old suspects – a necktie, a pair of socks, a Walmart gift card – you might want to consider getting your loved one something not only thoughtful, but useful. Something that can help them make it through a difficult time.

Long-term food is one such option. In fact, a supply of long-term emergency food is one of the most practical gifts you could get someone. We all need food to survive, and during a hurricane, tornado, flood or blizzard, when you’re trapped in your house or the grocery store shelves are empty, food may be hard to come Click to see the original article