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Big Pharma labs routinely delete toxic drugs’ failed test results, then ship them to US customers

By By Daniel Barker (NaturalNews) One of the problems with pharmaceuticals (as opposed to most natural remedies) is the fact that, whenever you swallow a pill or receive an injection, you are forced to place your trust in whoever manufactured the medication.There is no way to determine beforehand… Click to see the original article      

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Government’s descent into Hunger Games injustice and tyranny nearly complete

By By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor (NaturalNews) If you haven’t already seen Hunger Games, Catching Fire I urge you to watch it now. The movie, available for free on Amazon’s PRIME service, depicts a totalitarian centralized government ruling over disarmed, oppressed subjects with outrageous cruelty and injustice.The… Click to see the original article      

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Flu shot statistics and alternatives

By By Kali Sinclair (NaturalNews) Flu season is upon us. It’s time to decide if you or your children will receive a flu shot this year. After all, 23,607- 35,000 people die from the flu each year, right? You don’t want to be included in this year’s statistics! But are those numbers accurate?You’re… Click to […]

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Glyphosate disrupting root systems, destroying soil nutrients and eliminating earthworms

By By Julie Wilson staff writer (NaturalNews) More than 100 million pounds of the weedkiller glyphosate is applied annually to crops in the U.S., contributing to cancers such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and liver, pancreas and thyroid cancer, among other health complications. One of the main ingredients in Monsanto’s… Click to see the original article      

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