Beginner’s Guide To Having an Outdoor Herb Garden | Survival Gardening

By Stacy Bravo

A productive outdoor herb garden is not only possible but is a great addition to any survival garden! Not only are herbs a tasty additive to the meals you prepare for yourself and your family, they also possess many medicinal properties that I have found are beneficial for many ailments such as stomach upset, skin conditions such as psoriasis, muscle aches, joint inflammation – and MUCH MORE!

Beginner’s Guide To Growing Herbs Outdoors

Last gardening season I wrote 5 Herbs for Your Survival Garden. In this article, I shared detailed information on 5 of the most popular herbs that grace almost every survival garden you’ll ever come across. If you love basil, cilantro, lemon balm, oregano, and/or parsley – then check out my previous article on these 5 extremely versatile herbs!

If you are new to survival gardening and aren’t quite sure where to start with your outdoor herb garden, not to worry. We can help!

First, let’s go over some basic herb care and other information to better understand the process of an outdoor herb garden a little better. Did you know?

  • Herbs are extremely easy to care for! Most herbs only require just a few hours of sunshine per day, well draining soil, and a little compost.
  • Herbs love to grow in the ground. Some herbs have been known to reach heights and/or widths of 4-6 feet when planted in the ground! However, if you are limited on space, then check out my article Tips for Growing Food in Small Spaces. Indoor Herb Gardening is also another great option as well.
  • As I said before, herbs are extremely easy to care for but, proper location is key. Most herbs like full sun. However, if the regular summer temperatures in your location exceed 90 degrees fahrenheit on a regular basis Click to see the original article