Behind The Claim That Trump Made It Easier For Mentally Ill To Buy Guns

By Tom Knighton

Following Sutherland Springs, the gun control crowd crowed on and on about how President Trump made it easier for mentally disturbed people to buy guns. It was repeated by almost every news agency out there and thus repeated by people whose only understanding of guns and gun rights comes from the mainstream media. Gun rights advocates have had to address this elephant in the room from almost the moment news broke about the killer’s background.

Yet none of it is accurate. Not really.

Yes, President Trump did sign an executive order reversing an Obama era rule that barred certain parties from being able to buy guns, but it was the Obama policy that was screwed up.

The regulation in question was adopted in December 2016 and went into effect on January 18, 2017, after the election of President Trump but before his inauguration two days later. Compliance with the rule was scheduled to begin on December 19, 2017. Before compliance ever began, however, the rule was repealed by a law passed through the House of Representatives and Senate, then signed by President Trump in February 2017. The regulation never had any effect.

The regulation would have required the Social Security Administration to report recipients who have their benefits managed by a representative payee and who meet other criteria to the FBI’s background check system, effectively barring them from legally owning firearms. It would have applied to recipients between the ages 18 and 65 who Social Security assigned a representative payee to after determining they were unable to manage their own finances due to a mental impairment. The Social Security Administration would then notify those affected over the phone and in writing. Those affected would have been able to challenge their designation but only Click to see the original article