Black Rifle Coffee Company Gets Into the Christmas Spirit with New Video

By Micah Rate


The Black Rifle Coffee Company is back again with a hilarious video to celebrate the Christmas season.

Using several steel plates that emit a different pitch when shot, the guys perform some of our favorite Christmas songs while wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters.

These guys are great shooters, and they do not take their Second Amendment rights for granted. While also supporting our second amendment, the BRCC has other interests, as well. Their YouTube page states, “Black Rifle Coffee Company is dedicated to great coffee, great guns and the veteran community.” The YouTube channel, which will have been up and running for three years this January, has garnered more than 17 million views and more than 113,000 subscribers.

Talk about support.

The video was put out on their Twitter, and their followers gave them a lot of love.

LOL. These guys to make me laugh. Merry Christmas!

— Mario R. Kroll, MBA (@spindoctormario) December 15, 2017

Awe, this actually puts me in the Christmas spirit! Nothing like lead and gun powder ????

— Mitzi Kendrick (@sedna_78) December 15, 2017

Finally a Christmas song we like. Good job boys.

— Tier One Armament (@tieronearmament) December 15, 2017

Now that’s some Christmas music I can get behind #FreedomFriday

— Mordecaidrake (@Mordecaidrake) December 15, 2017

Here was one of the best responses.

If that doesn’t get you in the Christmas Spirit you must be a liberal

— Jay Daws (@JayDaws3) December 15, 2017

BRCC even got a compliment via a “Christmas Vacation” reference.

— Nate Taylor (@Nate_Taylor) December 15, 2017

Careful there, Ralphie…


— Thrashmangler (@Thrashmangler) December 15, 2017

The guys also received some compliments on their holiday attire.

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