Breaking: Shooting At NM High School, At least Two Students Dead

By Tom Knighton

It seems we can’t get a break. Earlier today, authorities in Aztec, NM were called to Aztec High School after receiving reports of an active shooter on the premises.

The shooter was later reported to be “down,” said Shana Reeves, director of communications for the larger nearby city of Farmington. She did not say if “down” meant injured, dead or captured, and did not say if anybody else was injured or whether the shooter was a student or visitor.

No injured people have been transported from Aztec High School to the San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington, according to hospital spokeswoman Laura Werbner.

Aztec, in San Juan County, is a small town in northwest New Mexico, about three hours from Albuquerque, and Farmington authorities assisted in the shooting.

Officials were working on clearing the buildings before the shooter was reported down, according to San Juan County CEO Kim Carpenter.
The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that parents should pick up students at the police department.

In addition to the shooter who died at the scene, CNN reports two other students were killed.

Officials haven’t revealed whether or not the shooter was a student, staff member, or someone else. Additionally, it’s unclear whether the shooter took their own life, or whether law enforcement did.

While Arizona is known for having among the least restrictive gun laws in the country, it does not permit individuals to carry on school grounds, apparently even with a permit of any kind. In other words, while some will howl about permissive gun laws and even national reciprocity, this is another example of a shooting in a gun-free zone.

Fox News reports that a spokesman for the Navajo Nation claimed more than a dozen students were injured in the attack, though it remains unclear if they Click to see the original article