Can Herbs Boost Your Chickens’ Egg Production? Yes!

By Bethany Hayes

Can Herbs Boost Your Chickens' Egg Production? Yes!

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Herbs have a variety of health benefits for chickens — very similar to their effects on humans. If you are looking for holistic ways to care for your chicken flock, scattering herbs throughout the coop and nesting boxes is an effective method.

Herbs can be used as an insecticide, for rodent control, and as a stress reliever. You also can try feeding herbs fresh to your chickens. Another effective method is to add dried, ground herbs to their chicken feed. If you’re trying to boost egg production, try mint and parsley. (Read more below.)

Try these herbs with your chickens:

Lavender. Lavender is a favorite herb among humans and animals alike. If there is one herb you should use right now, it is lavender. One of my favorite ways to use lavender is to place some in each of the nesting boxes. Lavender releases an aromatic scent that helps to reduce stress, ideal for nesting boxes.

There are other reasons why you may want to use lavender for your chickens. Lavender helps to increase blood circulation, and it is a natural insecticide. While you might want to use lavender in nesting boxes, it is also safe to air dry and use dried in the coop.

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The benefits of lavender don’t stop there. Lavender also is antibacterial, antifungal, helps to fight off staph infections, and improves your chickens’ digestion! It is an easy and pleasant herb to include frequently.

Oregano. Oregano is a strong herb. You might know that already if you’ve ever used oregano essential oil. Numerous studies conclude that oregano contains natural antibacterial properties. Within chickens, it helps fight against coccidiosis, salmonella, infectious bronchitis, avian flu and E. Coli.

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Aside from the antibacterial properties, oregano also contains many nutritional benefits, and Click to see the original article