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Parkland High School Student Blames Media for Politicizing the School Shooting, Instead of Focusing on Students Who Lost Their Lives

By GJWHG Student Brandon Minoff of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, recently did an interview with The Daily Wire, where he blamed the media for politicizing the massacre that occurred on Valentine’s Day rather than focusing on the students and faculty who lost their lives. Minoff, who did interviews with MSNBC and […]

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Jennifer Lawrence Has Quit Acting to ‘Save Our Democracy’ from Donald Trump

By GJWHG Hollywood starlet Jennifer Lawrence, who’s most recently starred in “Red Sparrow,” has announced she is taking a mini retirement from acting to save our democracy from President Donald Trump. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lawrence revealed her plans to work with an organization that addresses “anti-corruption and stuff.” A-list starlet Jennifer Lawrence, […]

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