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Counseling found to lower blood pressure almost as much as dangerous chemical medication

By Rhonda Johansson (Natural News) Before you reach for your statin medicine, try changing your lifestyle. This was the conclusion researchers at the American College of Cardiology made after finishing their first randomized, double-blind trial of alternative treatments for high blood pressure. Online behavioral therapy, also known as electronic counseling, was proven to decrease blood […]

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95% of status quo scientists FAIL this simple SCIENCE QUIZ… (take it yourself and see why)

By Mike Adams (Natural News) As an independent scientist and lab science director of an globally accredited analytical laboratory (, I’ve come to discover that most “status quo” scientists are woefully ignorant about real science. Most of what gets paraded around as “science” in our society is nothing more than corporate propaganda pretending to be […]

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The ObamaCare Republicans

By Kara Jones House Republicans pulled their health-care bill shortly before a vote on Friday, and for once the media dirge is right about a GOP defeat. This is a major blow to the Trump Presidency, the GOP majority in Congress, and especially to the cause of reforming and limiting government. The damage is all […]

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