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Off-the-shelf DNA can be used to manufacture biological weapons, stunned scientists discover

By Russel Davis (Natural News) A team of researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada have successfully recreated a virus known as horsepox, which contains similar characteristics as smallpox. According to the research team, the goal of the process was to improve the current techniques in vaccine development and improve public safety. However, the […]

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Coinbase to suspend all accounts on August 1st as “civil war” hard fork hammers Bitcoin… massive fraud now the norm at Coinbase

By Mike Adams (Natural News) There is no longer any question about it: Coinbase is a massive fraud and appears to be engaged in widespread criminal conspiracy. Coinbase is the most popular online wallet for Bitcoin, and I have previously reported on how Coinbase has seized Bitcoins from users in Wyoming and Hawaii, preventing them […]

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The GOP’s Collision With Health Care Reality

By Kara Jones The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress find themselves in a position there never wanted to be in: heading into the August recess having failed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and also without any significant legislative accomplishments since the November 2016 election. Before charting a new course, the […]

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How Hospitals Got Richer off Obamacare

By Kara Jones A decade after the nation’s top hospitals used all their advertising and lobbying clout to keep their tax-exempt status, pointing to their vast givebacks to their communities, they have seen their revenue soar while cutting back on the very givebacks they were touting, according to a POLITICO analysis. Hospitals’ behavior in the […]

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Humanity’s chemical SUICIDE confirmed: Pesticides sprayed on food crops are wiping out food pollinators, leading toward a global food collapse

By Tracey Watson (Natural News) The next time you sit down to a delicious meal, consider the fact that bees are responsible for every third bite you eat. Honey bees take care of about 80 percent of all pollination, with just one bee colony pollinating upwards of 300 million flowers in a single day. In […]

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