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Justice John Roberts attacked on Senate floor

By -NO AUTHOR- Washington (CNN)Chief Justice John Roberts — nominated by President George W. Bush in 2005 — is the jurist Republicans love to hate, most notably due to his decisive vote to uphold Obamacare. GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have criticized Roberts during the campaign. And Tuesday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman […]

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Michigan GOP: Leave Trump’s delegates alone

By -NO AUTHOR- (POLITICO) — Donald Trump has been battered in the hunt for loyal delegates to the Republican National Convention, suffering loss after demoralizing loss to Ted Cruz. But Michigan Republican leaders are closing ranks around the struggling front-runner with a stern message: Hands off Trump’s delegates. Though Cruz has outmaneuvered Trump in state […]

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Primary results: Trump, Cruz in dead heat in Wisconsin

By Chelsea Schilling GOP candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (Photo: Twitter) America’s eyes are on Wisconsin Tuesday evening as both political parties are now holding primaries in the state – and two candidates have a real shot at taking down their parties’ front-runners. Republican candidate Ted Cruz has enjoyed a lead on Donald Trump […]

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Heralded author identifies left as work of the devil

By Garth Kant WASHINGTON – Michael Walsh is not suggesting they sacrifice goats, but he is saying there is something decidedly satanic about leftists’ politics, and he cites classical literature and history as his proof. The author, Disney screenwriter, former music critic for Time magazine and occasional New York Post op-ed columnist was in Washington […]

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News reporters donating to Hillary, Bernie

By -NO AUTHOR- (POLITICO) — Democrats seeking the White House can usually count on cash donations from some of the same journalists who cover them—though the journalists themselves are not necessarily aware of this conflict of interest and their participation in it is rarely disclosed by their news organizations. The donations occur through the 700,000-member […]

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‘Death Pill’ masquerades as painkiller

By -NO AUTHOR- (ORLANDO SENTINEL) — For the first time in Central Florida, drug agents are seeing counterfeit pain and anxiety medications infused with a synthetic opioid that is linked to scores of fatal overdoses across the country. Some call the fentanyl-laced drug the “Super Pill.” But the law-enforcement world says the term “Death Pill” […]

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