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[Watch] Three-Year-Old Toddler Shoots Another Three-Year-Old With Unsecured Gun in Playroom

By Rick Wells [youtube id=”NQjeuCm4lpA” mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”540″] It is impossible to over-emphasize the importance of gun safety. Without safety, a valuable tool can easily turn into your home’s most dangerous hazard. In the wrong series of events, life-changing and life-ending results are easily possible. That was the hard lesson a couple from Asheboro, […]

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[Watch] It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, It’s a Drone

By Rick Wells [youtube id=”DwDEa0k40Uk#t” mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”540″] Taking stealth technology in a slightly different direction, the Pentagon has just placed an urgent order with Prioria Robotics of Florida for 36 models of its unmanned aerial vehicles, to be delivered by ASAP. The drones have many of the standard capabilities offered by other models […]

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Chris Christie Says ObamaCare Is ‘A Disaster And Train Wreck That Anybody Who’s Managed Anything Could’ve Seen Coming’

By Infidel Alie Excerpted from POLITICO: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie calls Obamacare a “failure” and “train wreck.” “This is a disaster and it was a train wreck that anybody who’s managed anything, ever, in their lives, could’ve seen coming,” Christie told New Jersey 101.5FM. “This is just an awful law. It made no sense […]

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Comet Ison May Have Fragmented

By Chris Carrington “We observe consistent, rapid fading of the molecular emission lines between Nov. 21 and Nov. 25 by at least a factor of 20. This may indicate that the nucleus is now at best marginally active or that… it no longer exists,”    

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