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How to Get In The Zone & Wake Up

By David (admin) Great performers of all sorts, from athletes to musicians, have experienced being in the zone. It is the optimal state for performance, where the performer and performance are one, unobstructed by conscious thought. Many performers assume this state of mind is a random byproduct of the act of performing, not realizing it […]

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Cool Moves

By David (admin) Cool Moves Recently I was working out at a gym, hitting a heavy bag. A bit into my workout another guy started hitting the heavy bag next to me. He was obviously a very skilled boxer, and his technique was awesome. Basic boxing is the first thing I teach in the MMA […]

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By David (admin) Throwsticks My friend Benjamin Scott recently launched his website on throwsticks. He describes throwsticks as “a primal hunting/survival/multi-tool dating back from ancient civilizations on at least five continents.” Ben makes nearly indestructible replicas of the Australian Aboriginal version called the kylie, arguably the best made hand thrown objects in the world. He […]

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Don’t Miss This!

By David (admin) If you really want to maximize your physical self defense skills there is some great information on this site that will help you do just that. But you’ve probably missed it. And if you have seen it, you probably didn’t realized how valuable it is. For those of you that did realize […]

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A Bad Review

By David (admin) Bad Review A couple of months ago someone wrote a bad/one star review of my first book, The Ultimate Guide to Unarmed Self Defense, on There are two unfortunate aspects to this review. First, it is entirely wrong. And second, it caused my book sales to immediately drop by about 75%. […]

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How to Learn 10x Faster

By David (admin) Optimize Your Training I recently started taking lessons with an excellent new oud/music teacher, and what he has been having me do in our lessons has reminded me yet again how important teaching and learning with an optimal curriculum is. The difference in the quality and speed at which you can learn […]

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The Importance of No Style

By David (admin) Breaking Down the Walls Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do concept, which is philosophically rooted in Zen, was and still is outstanding. The central aspect of it is to have no style, to avoid being limited by the confines of particular styles and to maintain a fully open mind with respect to everything. […]

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Gyokusui Shakuhachi

By David (admin) Gyokusui III 2.4 Shakuhachi My wife and I recently returned from another terrific vacation in Japan, where thanks to our friends Jerry and Hiromi Schmick, we had the great fortune to meet Gyokusui III, the third generation shakuhachi maker of the Gyokusui family, and to buy an incredible shakuhachi from him. I’ve […]

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How to Avoid Injury

By David (admin) Training for physical self defense is harsh. There’s just no easy way around it. If you want to learn how to deal with a fully resisting opponent who is trying to take your head off, then you have to train against a fully resisting partner who is trying to take your head […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense

By David (admin) The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense After more than two years, my second book on weapon use and defense is finally finished: The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense. My first book covered techniques, training methods, and strategies for unarmed self defense, awareness and prevention, and physically defending against […]

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