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How Many Reps Should You Do?

By David (admin) I’d like to share an idea I read about on another blog this morning that I find very useful. How many good vs. bad repetitions do you need to practice in order for whatever you’re doing to stick correctly? When you’re learning something new you’re not going to do it exactly right […]

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You Need to Fail

By David (admin) Failure In one of my recent posts, Is Your Training Realistic, I mentioned two important aspects of functional training. First, if your training partner isn’t really trying to stop you from succeeding with your techniques then you need to tell him “don’t let me do this”. And you need to hold him […]

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Is Your Training Realistic?

By David (admin) To start, I want to make an important point. The other day I noticed an online reference to my page on Why Most Martial Arts Don’t Work. Someone posted a link to the page, and another person commented that my page/site couldn’t be trusted because I’m only trying to sell something. I […]

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What to Do About Paris

By David (admin) ISIS Beheading for Blasphemy As all of you know, there were horrific terrorist attacks in Paris this past Friday. Having recently lost my mom I feel even worse about these attacks, having some idea how the families of victims will be suffering. Some of you may not realize that more than 40 […]

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Fight From the Void

By David (admin) Komuso Monk If you fight from the void you’ll always win. There are different meanings and levels of understanding of the void, all of which are valuable. Technical Void and Physical Space When an opponent attempts to punch you in the head there is only one small space that is immediately dangerous. […]

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My Mom Died

By David (admin) Meeting in Istanbul Last Year My mom died one month ago due to a tragic accident. She was only 63 and healthy, and her death has been a terrible shock for myself and my family. I’m writing about this here for two reasons. Least importantly, if you’ve emailed me in the last […]

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Watch It! Remote Home Surveillance Works.

By admin ©CC courtesy of Tadi Owning a remote home surveillance camera system makes sense. A quality camera setup is surprisingly affordable and the benefits are undeniable. Until it’s too late, many people don’t realize the importance of home security measures. Nearly all businesses these days have security cameras installed, so why not take the […]

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