Chelsea Clinton rebuked for Trump attack: ‘Haiti helped pay for your wedding’


Chelsea Clinton weds Jewish investment banker Marc Mezvinky in a $3 million wedding in July 2010

Chelsea Clinton weds Jewish investment banker Marc Mezvinky in a $3 million wedding in July 2010

Chelsea Clinton really stepped in it Thursday when she tore into President Trump after news organizations said the president asked senators why the U.S. keeps bringing in migrants from “sh–hole” countries like Haiti, El Salvador and African nations.

President Trump has denied using the term, though he did admit he used “tough” language in the meeting.

In her response to a Bloomberg headline, Chelsea tweeted to Trump Thursday: “Mr. President, immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and 54 countries in Africa likely helped build your buildings. They’ve certainly helped build our country. cc @POTUS.”

Twitter users quickly pointed out that the Clintons’ organization, the Clinton Foundation, reportedly scammed Haiti out of recovery donations after its horrific 2010 earthquake and, in that same year, was said to have paid for Chelsea’s $3 million luxurious wedding to Marc Mevinsky on July 31, 2010. Some responses included:

  • “Haiti also helped pay for your wedding.” – Cherie
  • “@ChelseaClinton please stop!! #Haiti got robbed by the @ClintonFdn and @Hillary Clinton.” – Carlos Maldonado
  • “All of a sudden, the Clintons care about Haiti?” – B.T. Samuel
  • “You’re one to talk about being kind to Haiti. Ask your parents how much money they made through the corrupt Clinton Foundation at the expense of the Haitian people.” – Tom Brennan
  • “So how much Clinton Foundation money that came from charitable donations went to pay for your wedding? Also if the Clinton Foundation was doing such good work, then why hasn’t any improvement been seen in Haiti?” – Deplorable Kathie
  • “You’re right, Chelsea. Besides, who would your family steal from if not impoverished nations? I guess there’s always the American people you can continue to rob.” – Loren F.
  • “The Haitian people love the Clintons. That’s why they Click to see the original article      

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