Chicago PD Shares Great News About Violent Crime in the Windy City

By Micah Rate

After a horrific mass shooting occurs, like that in Las Vegas or Sutherland Springs, the gun control debate ensues with those on the Left advocating for stricter gun control measures and those on the Right wanting to look at mental illness and the root causes of violence. The Right also doesn’t hesitate to point out that though a city like Chicago has some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation, violent crime hasn’t been affected by such legislation. For example, in the first weekend of the new year, the Windy City saw four people killed and 15 others injured due to gun violence.

However, despite a tragic start to the year, there is welcome news coming out of the city, according to CBS Chicago:

Last year, Chicago was drawing headlines for the soaring number of shootings and murders… [Chicago Police Supt. Eddie] Johnson will tout a 25 percent reduction in shootings in some of the city’s most violent neighborhoods, and a 15 percent drop in the number of murders across the entire city.

And what is the reason for this crime drop, exactly? Is it more gun control? Is it the city’s gun buyback programs?

Johnson believes the drop in shootings was the result of the city’s growing smart policing strategy.

The main focus has been the creation and expansion of strategic decision support centers in several police districts. Also known as “situation rooms,” the first such centers were opened in the districts with the highest violent crime rates.

Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said officials believe the city’s reduction in violent crime over the past year is due in large part to the use of the support centers, where officers work daily with University of Chicago Crime Lab analysts.

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