Chinese Warships Draw the Line At Sea: “Barring U.S. Ships Through Territorial Waters”

By Contributing Author


Public Domain, DoD image of Chinese Luhu Class Destroyer, HARIBING on the first ever Chinese “visit” of a warship to U.S. naval station in San Diego, 1997

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

Editor’s Comment: If a trade war there will be, China is more than ready to make a stand. The military issue over the South China Sea and disputed territorial claims is coming to a head. Both sides have demonstrated their ICBM missiles, and their respective strength. Any incident there could lead to war, and if so, then a blockade against all the commercial products and food items that China exports to America each year. Short of war, China has been edging forward with its currency, valuing it to keep Chinese goods appealing, and deepening its place in the basket of world currencies that is set to displace U.S. sole advantage through the petrodollar. If President Trump puts up a tariff wall against Chinese imports, or more drastically implements sanctions for any reason, there could be a hostile trade war that leads to military action.

There are many scenarios, and greater tensions than ever before. The stage is being set, and all is not quiet in the Pacific. Stand by, and keep close watch over the reported interactions between warships both in the Asian sphere, and close to the shores of Iran. Meanwhile, Russian spy ships have been seen trolling U.S. waters. How crazy are things about to get?

China May Bar US Ships From Passing Through Its Waters

by Tyler Durden

In a preemptive move to limit foreign naval presence in proximity to China and especially the disputed South and East China Sea islands, China’s People’s Daily reports the Beijing is set to revise its 1984 Maritime Traffic Safety Law, which Click to see the original article      

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