Chuck Norris says, Lettuce be grateful for leafy greens

By Chuck Norris


It is always encouraging to find that a lifestyle choice you are making is a correct one when it comes to protecting health. My family and I enjoy eating salads, and most recently have become especially fond of organic kale. Then along comes new research from Tufts University that assessed the dietary patterns of 1,000 seniors and found that eating plenty of leafy green vegetables every day could ward off dementia in later life.

The study found those who ate around one serving of leafy greens each day had brains that were the equivalent of 11 years younger than those who never (or rarely) ate the vegetables.

Given all that we know about the benefits of diet and exercise, we should not be surprised that adding a daily serving of green leafy vegetables to your diet is a simple way to foster positive brain health. The important takeaway from these findings is what we are talking about is within your power – and budget – to do to slow cognitive decline that comes with aging, a decline that could lead to dementia.

Another is exercise. Study after study has shown the positive connection between improved health and physical exercise. Exercise is beneficial in the prevention of cognitive impairment and dementia. One recent study is the first of its kind to explore how exercise affects brain metabolism. According to the findings, the increase in metabolism generated by exercise resulted in the increased loss of nerve cells that typically occurs in the case of Alzheimer’s disease.

Adequate sleep also generates huge beneficial effects for the brain. When you sleep, your brain essentially cleans itself. The brain uses cerebral spinal fluid to pump away the plaques and tangles that scientists believe cause disease. Much of today’s research is now looking into ways of using sleep to treat Click to see the original article