CNN Op Ed Shows How Little Gun Grabbers Understand Text Of Second Amendment

By Tom Knighton

We know that the gun control crowd isn’t a fan of the Second Amendment. Just what form their issue with it takes varies from person to person, but they universally take issue with it. For some, it’s a mistaken belief that it only applies to the arms of the day, as if our Founding Fathers lacked sufficient vision to understand that guns would advance over time. For others, it’s something even dumber.

Take, for example, an op-ed run at CNN this past weekend where we get to hear more emotional prattle from an anti-gun zealot:

I am tired of living in a cycle where we choose our own trauma and violence over solutions. I am furious at politicians who accept money and then cower before the gun lobby. I am furious that a few loudmouthed interest groups force the rest of us to raise generations of children in fear. I am furious that we do not have adequate mental health services for people in need. I am furious that we are not demanding more of our politicians and more of ourselves. I am tired of treating white male domestic-abusers who massacre people as some kind of unsolvable problem. I can only believe that for now at least, we are a country who keeps loving our guns more than we love our children.
Personally, I’ve begun to feel that my Second Amendment rights are being violated. I was promised the right to a well-regulated militia, and instead I see a nation that falls victim, week after week, body after body, to a series of unstable people with elaborately hoarded arsenals. I am absolutely sure our founders would be appalled. I am absolutely sure that our founders would not wish that we run out and buy even more guns because of Click to see the original article