Express gratitude to president for 1st-year accomplishments



WASHINGTON – As Donald Trump approaches the end of his historic first year in the White House, the pioneering independent online news site is extending a unique and innovative opportunity to Americans, and, in fact, the people of the world, to send thanks and encouragement for what the president has accomplished.

The Thank Trump Card Campaign provides a way for anyone with a computer, cell phone or other device to choose from six digital greetings with different messages, themes and designs, including personalized messages, and to send them directly to the White House.

There is no cost to participate in this campaign designed to thank President Trump for a record of historic achievement in his first year in office.

“While there are always going to be some disappointments in the imperfect art of politics, the Trump White House has fulfilled dozens of campaign promises, changed the tone of Washington, reversed the headlong plunge into socialism and raised the spirits of Americans like no one since Ronald Reagan in 1981,” said Joseph Farah, founder, editor and chief executive officer of WND. “Such an occasion should not go unnoticed or overshadowed by the angry and vitriolic response from his disgruntled opposition. It’s time for the president to hear from those who elected him – and those who have come around since Election Day.”

The goal, Farah says, is to get millions of Americans participating in the campaign in a genuine display of sincere thanks and encouragement to Trump and his team for a “breathtaking” record of accomplishment in the face of unprecedented adversity and enraged opposition from Democrat politicians, the entrenched Washington establishment, what Trump calls the “fake news” media and street thugs, some paid and some violent, who have sought to disrupt and subvert the will of the people.

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