Gang of 4 Stalk 50yr-Old Woman, ‘Forced Her to Perform Oral Sex at Gunpoint’ [Video]



Four thugs used two toy guns to force an elderly woman into performing a sexual act on them. Surveillance video shows the thugs following the woman, who just left church, down the sidewalk. You can see the unidentified mother-of-two walking on 150th St in Queens, New York, with two bags in hand right before the assault happened. The four men, who are also accused of robbing her, appear in the video walking along the other side of the street. The suspects walk in line together before one separates from the group after spotting the helpless victim leaving a church prayer service. Julisses Ginel, 19, Justin Williams, 17, and Brandon Walker, 20, were arrested over the attack on Thursday. A fourth man is still being hunted by police. The woman was force to strip naked and perform sex acts on three of the four perpetrators. Prosecutors have described the men’s targeting of the woman as a ‘pack-like mentality’ with one of the thugs standing as the ‘lookout’ while the crime took place. ‘The crimes that the defendants are accused of committing that night are despicable and are deserving of significant punishment,’ District Attorney Richard Brown said. ‘Two of them are alleged to have subjected her to heinous acts of sexual abuse. ‘It is alleged that with a pack-like mentality the defendants and an unapprehended fourth man set upon a defenseless woman coming from church.’ Police said the victim left the Celestial Church of Christ in Jamaica, Queens shortly before 11pm on Tuesday when she was attacked. The men allegedly robbed the woman following the sexual assault and threatened her with two fake guns. Williams allegedly told investigators that he and Brandon took turns engaging in oral sex from her. Click to see the original article      

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