[Gear Review]KeySmart Lite: Deal or Dud?

By Doug Adamavich

I’d never seen anything like this before…

I can’t remember exactly how I ran across the KeySmart Lite, but once I saw it, I had to have it! You’ve got options when it comes to organizing your keys… but most of the time you end up with a tangled mess of metal that just jabs you in your thigh all day… at least that used to be the case for me until I started carrying my KeySmart Lite. Check out my review below and let me know what you think

KeySmart Lite: Keeping It Smart, Keeping It Light

When I first ran across the KeySmart Lite I used my review as an excuse to take out two birds with one stone. The holidays were approaching so I wanted to see if it would make a good gift. I picked a couple of them and have used them in my “Every Day Carry” kit for over a year. The result is a long-term review of this unique and helpful product.


Origins | KeySmart Lite Review

The inventor of the KeySmart wanted a better way to organize his keys. He found the current solutions lacking and decided to come up with a new method. So he experimented with a number of different prototypes before settling on the current design. The goal was to reduce or eliminate key chatter, leg poke, and clothing damage due to unsheathed keys. The result was the KeySmart line.


Product | KeySmart Lite Review

The KeySmart is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and is elegantly rounded. The design is good for either carrying in your pocket or on your keychain. The keys are placed on stainless steel pegs with nylon washers Click to see the original article