Glenn Beck Addresses The Real Problem Behind Gun Violence

By Micah Rate

After every mass shooting, without fail, there’s a debate over gun control and gun rights. But there is always something missing from these national discussion following tragedies like that in Parkland, Florida. Few political commentators bring it up, and when they do, their insightfulness and wisdom are quickly swallowed up by the political chaos.

In an impassioned monologue, conservative radio host and political commentator Glenn Beck explains what that “something” is: American culture and the nuclear family.

The nuclear family in the U.S. is eroding away, as the nation sees more and more children growing up in fatherless homes. In a startling statistic, Beck states that, in 1960, just five percent of children were born out of wedlock. Almost 60 years later, that number has grown to more than 40 percent. In an even more alarming statistic, in the last 15 years, nine mass shootings were carried out by men under the age of 30, and seven of those nine were carried out by men who grew up in homes without a father.

Beck notes that talking about this fact is by no means an attempt to drum up sympathy for the mass shooter, but a way to understand what factors may drive people to commit these heinous attacks. Of course, not everyone who grows up without a father turns into a mass murderer or criminal. And, growing up without a father is not the sole factor that contributes to mass murderers, either.

But the question remains, what kind of environment and culture contributes to the growth of this evil? What factors allow it to fester? As Beck explains, school shootings were not a problem until a few decades ago, and “there were more guns per capita 150 years ago than there are now.”

At one point, he exclaims, “What is happening to us? It’s Click to see the original article      

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