Go-Bag Guns | Getting Your Guns In Order When SHTF

By Marc Holley

A well-prepared go-bag load-out ideally includes some type of hunting and self defense firearm. Why a firearm? There are surely plenty of other options when it comes to self defense and hunting. While this is partly true, firearms can be arguably more powerful for their weight and size and have the added use of being a compact valuable item. Such items can be leveraged as a bartering chip further down the road if you decide you don’t need a firearm. This makes go-bag guns vitally important.

Go-Bag Guns

Factors and features that were used in judging were primarily weight, size, ammunition, versatility, and availability. In the event that you are resorting to a go bag for any number of reasons, those factors are some of the most important to take into consideration. The main use in mind here is survival first and defense secondary. Using a small caliber rifle to hunt in a survival situation has several advantages.

Hunting small game is going to allow for quicker field dress and preparation as opposed to attempting to process an entire deer or other herd animal which can quickly lead to waste and scavengers/ predators finding your kill. Also, in order to make these rifles easy to break down and stow away, the lower chamber pressure created by these small calibers results in less gun weight to carry overall.

Ammunition itself is another factor to consider in choosing a firearm for your go-bag. For that reason, there is a 22LR rifle listed here because it’s ammunition is so light and compact in comparison to even the handgun caliber rifles. In short though, the best firearm to have in a survival situation is the one you have with you.

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