GOP ‘must embrace Trump agenda’ if it wants to win elections

By Greg Corombos

President Trump (Photo: Twitter)

President Trump (Photo: Twitter)

Donald Trump found common ground with tens of millions of Americans in 2016, confounding establishment Republicans and large swaths of the conservative movement, and now talk-show host and author Chris Buskirk asserts the GOP must embrace the Trump agenda if it wants to succeed in the next few election cycles.

Buskirk is also co-author of “American Greatness: How Conservatism Inc. Missed the 2016 Election and What the D.C Establishment Needs to Learn.”

Trump’s political inexperience and his brash personality led political professionals from across the spectrum to write him off at countless stages of the campaign, but Buskirk says it wasn’t Trump that was missing what voters wanted.

“This is someone who understands America in a way that, believe it or not, so many voices on the right that we’ve listened to, that I’ve listened to for a long, long time just don’t,” said Buskirk.

So did the American people respond to Trump or did Trump understand what millions of frustrated voters wanted in their next president? Buskirk says it’s both.

“I think he had and has fully formed opinions about this country, about the right way to govern and about what’s right for America, and the American people responded to him,” said Buskirk.

“Did he respond to them in kind? I think so. If we look back at the late summer of 2015 and Donald Trump started to talk a whole lot more about immigration. Why? Because every time he did it, his lead in the polls over his primary rivals would grow and grow and grow,” said Buskirk.

Millions of Americans believed Trump was speaking their language, but most of the GOP establishment and many figures and institutions within the conservative movement rejected him. The latter is a group that Buskirk calls “Conservative Inc.”

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