Gov Schools to Become Anti-Gun Political Platforms Thanks to Neo-Marxist Organization

By Contributing Author

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All across America, thousands of publicly funded schools, government schools, have decided to open their doors to the neo-Marxist organization known as the Women’s March, a highly partisan, far-left radical organization.

They have opened their doors and allowed this organization to “aid” students in staging a “National School Walkout” in protest of your ability to own and possess effective means of self-defense.

To put in terms that these far-left radicals would rather you not hear, they are organizing your children, using your stolen wealth (school taxes), to march in favor of a police state, to march against your ability to acquire and possess tools of self-defense, guns.

Many schools received letters such as this:

Good afternoon. This is (name) principal of (Name) Middle School. As many of you have probably heard, the Women’s March organizers are encouraging students to participate in a national school walkout on Wednesday, March 14th, to protest gun violence.

That line alone “the Women’s March Organizers are encouraging students,” reveals that the organization behind this is the Women’s March. This means that the public schools have allowed representatives of that highly partisan group to go into their schools and aid students in organizing a protest against your ability to defend yourself against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

They do so under the guise of protecting the children from ‘gun violence.’ Let me speak more plainly so you take in the full vulgarity of the tactics these far-left radicals are deploying, tactics the government schools are openly aiding and abetting in strengthening.

The far-left radicals of the Women’s March are using psychological terrorism to traumatize your children into not only accepting, but demanding, that you have your tools of self-defense taken from you.

It appears that the far-left radicals of Click to see the original article      

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