Hillary diehards still conjuring path to Oval Office



Hillary Clinton diehards still are plotting a possible path to the Oval Office, a full year after President Trump was inaugurated and 15 months after she went down in flames in the 2016 presidential election. And that was her second failed bid for the presidency.

Newsweek tweeted Thursday, “Hillary Clinton could still become president if Russia probe finds conspiracy evidence.”

Hillary Clinton could still become president if Russia probe finds conspiracy evidence https://t.co/7fH8dnVS0m pic.twitter.com/F3Wqea3bYC

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) January 18, 2018

Cortney O’Brien, at Townhall, noted Newsweek “doesn’t seem to be letting go of the possibility that Hillary Clinton can still be president.”

“Relying on a theory first floated in October by Lawrence Lessig, the Roy L. Furman professor of law and leadership at Harvard Law School, the editors strike a painfully hopeful tone that the investigation into Russian collusion will bring President Trump down once and for all.”

O’Brien pointed out there has been “no evidence to prove Trump colluded with Russia to win the election, as even top Democrats have admitted.”

Still, there are those on the left who cannot give up their fantasy.

Lessig explained that for Clinton to reach the Oval Office, several things would need to happen.

Both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence would have to be found guilty of “treason” and removed from office.

And House Speaker Paul Ryan, then next in line for the presidency, would have to take office.

Rya, then, would have to pick Hillary Clinton as his vice president.

And then he would have to resign and turn over the Oval Office to Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Times reported Lessig “originally hypothesized” the scheme a few months ago.

“If the president and vice president are impeached for colluding with the Russians to win the White House, the professor said Mrs. Clinton is the rightful heir to Click to see the original article