How To Defend Your Home And Your Family From Drone Attacks

By Marc Holley

In today’s ever-accelerating technological world, it’s no surprise that drones have been evolving to every imaginable end. Recent FAA reports indicate that while there are currently over 770,000 registered drones in the US, that number is expected to “more than triple in size from 1.1 million UAVs [currently, including unregistered and commercial drones] to 3.55 million, and the number of commercial vehicles to grow tenfold to 442,000 by 2021. Pilot licenses, meanwhile, will jump from 37,000 to 281,300 in five years.”

While the vast majority of drones have been utilized in an ethical and legal fashion, the door is wide open for opportunistic exploitation by those who would wish us harm. Whether it’s hacking attempts on your personal Wi-Fi or the creep down the road that won’t let your daughter tan in privacy, drones pose a considerable threat to our personal safety and security. In this article, we will be discussing drone defense and why it’s so important.

Drone Defense: Protecting Yourself From Possible Threats

First, we will review the two main purposes that drones have been developed for. Between data collection and physically interacting with their environment, drones have an incredibly wide range of capabilities. Both capabilities have their own unique challenges that we will explore. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly to you, we will explore what headway has been made in the drone defense market. While the more popular solutions like AR-15 attachments have been limited to government use only, we do have some simple steps you can take to better defend your property from drone surveillance or even attacks.

Drones For Data Collection

Drone development always begins with the best intentions. Unfortunately, opportunistic criminals can repurpose this technology to their own devious ends with little to no previous training. Data collection of all kinds is Click to see the original article