How to Get Prepared When Time Is NOT On Your Side

By Coach Helder

Get Prepared

There are a lot of factors that make preparing for a crisis difficult. While some have issues with budgeting for gear and products, others tend to forgo their physical preparedness. But if I were to pick the main culprit that prohibits readiness for those striving to be prepared, it would be time. The question that I get asked the most by my NTC Members goes something like this: How can I find time to get prepared when I barely have time to eat?

Multitasking: The True Secret of Emergency Preparedness

Time management is crucial in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world. Our jobs take up a big chunk of our day, and that doesn’t even count the commute. If you have children, there are continual tasks that need to be accounted for. When you add in a pet or two… Finding time for anything is at a premium.

We both realize the importance of preparing for ourselves and our families. If we choose to wait, it truly may be too late to get prepared. The stress in trying to find the time can be overwhelming. We all want to do the right thing, but there are only so many hours in a day. Alleviating something from your packed schedule may not be an option.

I have witnessed many would-be survivalists give up on their preparedness needs because they no longer had the time. Anytime they spoke about it, I could always tell that it ate them up inside. I began to think of how to multi-task in order to get prepared with other must-do’s still on the list. There’s always going to be a caveat or two, depending on your current situation. As with most things, what will work well for some may not work at all for others. But there Click to see the original article