In prepping, you must know your enemy

By Pat McLene

Cash cow

Cash cow

A few weeks ago, I reported on a number of so-called prepper sites that were little more than ad farms. Since that time, I’ve been perusing other websites, and I’m sorry to say well over 90 percent of sites that declare themselves prepper-oriented are nothing but advertising cash cows for their owners. As a result, I’ve decided each week I’m going to highlight a self-sufficiency site that actually preaches what it practices.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a hard-boiled capitalist and I understand that putting all that effort into a site that can truly be of assistance to preppers deserves some reward. I am not opposed to advertising. What I am opposed to are websites with featured articles like “Six adaptogenic herbs to release stress in the wilderness” or “Angling, a lost art for survival and the soul.” I have no grief with articles like these, although I have absolutely no idea what “adaptogenic” means. I’m sure these articles are of use to someone, but they really have no place in a website that is supposedly dedicated to becoming self-dependent.

So I’ve decided from now on in each of my weekly columns, I will highlight a prepper site that truly walks the walk. This week, I’ll start with a fairly large site that goes by the name of Ready Nutrition. This website was founded by Tess Pennington, and it’s an excellent and well laid-out website devoted almost entirely to preparedness. It has a “start here” section where a simple click will lead to articles like “A step-by-step guide for starting seeds,” “Ambidextrous shooting: How to train your weaker hand for a gunfight” and “The one-year pantry, layer by layer.” As far as a generalist prepper site goes, you really can’t do much better.

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