Is Living Off The Grid Selfish?

By Pat B

Is Living Off The Grid Selfish?

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When the managing director of an Australian power company last fall suggested that those who leave the electric grid and rely on solar power exclusively are “greedy and selfish,” a fair amount of off-the-grid enthusiasts balked.

Paul Adams, managing director of the Jemena power company, scolded those who said that they were tired of the company’s policies and charges and would leave the company once and for all. The customers, who already had home solar systems in place, had been relying on power from the company when it was too dark or dreary outside for solar power to be collected and used.

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“Why don’t you want to do something on a community and social basis, why are you so greedy and selfish?” said Adams, according to Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper. “The grid is of so much value here, why don’t you want to share your energy with your neighbors?”

On a bright, sunny day a solar panel system might collect more power from the sun’s rays than the home can use. Adams believes that electricity should be placed back into the grid.

If you are like me, Adams’ statement is indeed upsetting. From my perspective – which is that of someone trying to live a self-sufficient, off-grid lifestyle – disconnecting from the power company is anything but “greedy and selfish.”

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Here’s why: It is our desire not to rely on others for the things we need to live out our daily lives. In so doing, we free resources for those not pursuing this lifestyle. When we become “off-grid,” we no longer drain energy from the system. In an age of rolling brownouts, we do our part — and more — to relieve the strain on the electrical infrastructure. In Click to see the original article      

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