IS THIS BS? Court Rules it is LEGAL for a Cop to Shoot You in Your Home if You’re Just HOLDING a Gun [TAKE THE POLL]



Are we not allowed to defend our homes anymore? It sure seems that way with this court ruling. What happens when someone is pounding at your door? There are no lights on outside, you have no reason to be expecting anyone, and, most importantly, they do not identify themselves. Yeah, to say someone would be a little nervous is an understatement. You would have a gun at the ready. But if the police are at your door, they can shoot you for just having the gun. Does this sound like the biggest load of BS to you? By David French After all, my home is my castle. It’s where my wife and kids are, and it’s hard to imagine a situation where there’s loud pounding, that late, that doesn’t involve a degree of urgency. I have a constitutional and a human right, guaranteed under the Second Amendment, to defend my family, my life, and my home. Unless, of course, the people pounding on the door are cops who 1) had no search warrant, 2) didn’t turn on their emergency lights, 3) didn’t identify themselves as police, 4) misunderstood a neighbor’s directions, and 5) showed up at the wrong house, the house of a completely innocent man. Then, my right to defend myself turns into a right to die in two seconds flat, without firing a shot or even clambering a round. That’s the effective holding of a panel of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, a holding that the entire Circuit declined to review en banc just last week. The officer who shot Andrew Scott, a man by the name of Richard Sylvester, never faced prosecution for killing an undeniably innocent man. That decision is wrenching but defensible. Click to see the original article      

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