Is Your Training Realistic?

By David (admin)

To start, I want to make an important point. The other day I noticed an online reference to my page on Why Most Martial Arts Don’t Work. Someone posted a link to the page, and another person commented that my page/site couldn’t be trusted because I’m only trying to sell something. I do sell a book that can be found on my site, but everything else on my website and blog is free, including instructional videos. I try not to push the book, as I’m sure most of you reading this have already noticed. I do this because I’m passionate about self defense and martial arts, I enjoy teaching, and I genuinely want other practitioners to understand what works and what doesn’t…how to train realistic, functional material.

When I mention other styles, teachers, or training methods and explain why they don’t work, the point is not to put down other systems or people, and the point isn’t for me to make money. (I haven’t taught martial arts for a living since 2007.) The point is for you to see examples that shed light on inefficient and ineffective training. Why? Because I hate to see people wasting their time, doing something they think will work, when it will likely fail in reality. I’ve been there. I don’t want you to be there too. So with that said…

Is your training realistic? Here’s an easy way to find out: Does your sparring look like your other training? If not, then your training probably isn’t realistic.

If you’re not sparring, then you have a problem. Your training definitely isn’t realistic.

Many people tell me their techniques are too dangerous for sparring. Anyone who thinks that simply doesn’t know how Click to see the original article