Kathy Griffin Carnegie Hall show sells out in a day


(SHOWBIZ411) — There are about 20 seats left in all of Carnegie Hall that haven’t been sold for Kathy Griffin’s comeback concert on June 26th. Most of those seats have obstructed views, or are so high up that you’d need binoculars to see the comedian whose career was almost kiboshed for good last year.

What happened? In May 2017, famed photographer Tyler Shields shot her holding the bloody, decapitated head of Donald Trump. The right wing went crazy, she was criticized and ostracized. How dare she do that a sitting president? Well, thankfully, people have calmed down. The decapitating (let’s not get started about Trump) was political protest art. It was outrageous but it wasn’t unforgivable– obviously — since around 2,800 people have paid top dollar to see Griffin return.

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