Mainstream Media Misunderstands The Term ‘Legal Guns’

By Tom Knighton

Gun rights advocates have long argued that illegal guns are the problem when it comes to gun violence, not legal firearms. We argue that the guns sold in gun stores or at gun shows in accordance with all applicable regulations aren’t the ones out on the streets causing the problem.

And we’re right.

However, the anti-gun media is now trying to make us look like liars by reclassifying some guns as legal when they’re not.

ST. LOUIS – There is a particular type of crime on the rise in the St. Louis area that is making other crimes more dangerous – legal guns in the wrong hands.

“Out on the street, the stolen guns are a dime a dozen,” said Major Steve Runge of the North County Police Cooperative.

And those stolen guns come at a cost to public safety, said cops who face them on the streets.

“Stolen guns are a major problem because they fall into the hands of kids and teenagers that are just out to do bad things,” said Runge.

His department’s Facebook page tells the story of stolen guns in their part of St. Louis County – photos of dozens of stolen guns seized in just the past six months.

“That’s insane and that’s just what we seize,” said Runge of his departments haul.

“Guys go through the cars at night looking for loose change and they come across a gun they’re going to take it,” because a weapon is easy to sell for cash, Runge said, “in a heartbeat.”

“Once they get their hands on it, it can go bad in a hurry,” he said.

Here’s the problem: the moment a gun is stolen, it’s no longer a legal firearm, it’s an illegal gun.

If we classify every gun as legal simply because it was legally obtained at some point during its life, Click to see the original article