“More Americans Targeted By FBI Than Muslims”: The Real Surveillance Is A Tool of Control

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This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Free Thought Project.

Editor’s Comment: The whole situation is whipped up hysteria on all sides; if they set the economic tilt of the tables right, the tension and pressure would all quickly diffuse. If the roaming war machine in the middle east would back off or slow down, it would exponentially curb the hatred and violence from radicals and terrorists “over there.” As Ron Paul and many others have long argued, it is the deliberate continuation of blowback. The same is true with the migrant crisis… if the elites didn’t want a flood of unstable refugee people from an incompatible culture, why did they push so hard for war there – that is specifically what is driving the entire crisis into Europe and America alike. But they have shamefully done it on purpose and by design to destabilize and drive a wedge between ideological segments of the population.

Who exactly does the FBI work for? It has been so busy targeting Americans and placing mass surveillance across population centers that they have failed to protect America’s borders from potentially threatening aliens, etc. Extremists among the conservatives on the right, or the patriot community, or the angry left have all been driven to extremes at times. But in the last cycle, the media frenzy has been guided towards pinpoint accuracy in its use as a weapon to divide and conquer people, to stir up rage and distrust between people, and to fish for headlines and further justifications for power.

Shock Report: FBI Arresting Far More Americans Targeting Muslims, Than Muslims Targeting Americans

by Claire Bernish

As President Trump and supporters continue the push to levy an arbitrary travel ban from a smattering of predominantly Muslim countries, a debate rages in the Click to see the original article