New push to oust Mueller as special counsel

By Bob Unruh

Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller

A former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor has filed an ethics complaint with the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility seeking the removal of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and a referral for his prosecution, over of the leaks that have resulted from his grand jury investigation of claims of a “Russian connection” to President Trump’s campaign during 2016 race.

“The Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility and Inspector General are charged with investigating and remedying unethical and illegal behavior by the special counsel and other DOJ lawyers and staff,” said Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor and now founder of Freedom Watch.

“Special Counsel Mueller derives his office and powers from the DOJ, as he was appointed, strangely, by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.”

Klayman explained, “As our Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and his Deputy Rosenstein, have failed and apparently refuse to properly police the illegal grand jury leaks and conflicts of interest of Special Counsel Mueller – putting their own personal, political and professional interests before all else – the job falls upon Freedom Watch and OPR and the IG to represent the interests of the American people for truth and justice.

“If OPR and the IG themselves fail to take action, Freedom Watch will file a court complaint to force them to take appropriate action.

He suggested that Mueller must be removed “along with his conflicted staff, and then referred to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia for criminal prosecution.”

The complaint cites a number of incidents of leaks of material that by law was not supposed to be disclosed.

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