New York, Delaware Look At Civil Confiscation Legislation

By Patrick Richardson

It seems reasonable enough — most mass shooters are deranged and therefore we need to do more to keep guns out of the hands of people who are seriously mentally ill.

It’s something even most gun owners will agree with.

The devil, of course, is in the details.

Two states are currently considering laws allowing law enforcement to confiscate guns from people deemed “dangerous” with no more than a court order.

In Delaware, lawmakers are considering the so-called “Beau Biden gun control act,” reports.

Introduced Tuesday by state Rep. David Bentz, D-Christiana, House Bill 302 would require health care workers to report to law enforcement anyone they feel is a danger to themselves or others. Police, obligated to investigate, could then petition the court to order the person turn over their guns pending a hearing. Courts could also authorise officers to seize firearms and ammunition under some circumstances.

You read that right; a nurse could call the cops, tell them you’re a danger and you could have Johny Law knocking at your door telling you to turn over your firearms. Given that many doctors are for gun control, it’s a given that many would figure you owning a gun at all means you’re a “danger to yourself or others.”

“This legislation will protect our communities by restricting access to firearms for those who are considered a danger to themselves or others,” said Gov. John Carney in support of the legislation. “It will also ensure our health professionals and law enforcement are working more closely together when it comes to the issue of firearms.”

Oh and that whole “temporary” thing? Yeah, maybe not so much.

In addition to the provision to temporarily take guns from those subject to a court order, under its current language HB 302 would remove the firearms rights Click to see the original article