Ready-Made Survival Meals That Actually Taste Good

By Taylor Patterson

Finding the best ready-made meals isn’t always easy. With so many on the market, all of them will keep you alive, but most aren’t always that satisfying – especially in terms of taste. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the best ready-made meals out there, both for outdoor activities and survival preparation.

The Best Ready-Made Meals

The best ready-made meals are more than just bare sustenance. Sure, nutrient bars and bare gruel might keep you going, but when SHTF you’re still going to need a decent meal every so often. That’s what this list is for. These ready-made survival meals are among the best you’ll find, whether for weekend camping trips or for survival preparation.

Bear in mind that we’ve decided to mostly steer clear of bulk long-term storage options, as they’re a whole world of their own. This list also excludes homemade survival meals, so once you’re done stocking up on the best-packaged food, consider checking out DIY options. Making your own granola is easy, or try our recipe for Civil War fire cakes.

Lastly, while we’re limited to commercially available ready made survival meals, we’ve tried to include something for every taste. There are freeze-dried hiking pouches, MREs, and even some surprisingly good alternatives to the average pack of ramen. To top things off, we’ve even included dessert.

Admittedly, with so many ready-made options available, it was difficult to narrow down our list to just a few top picks. In general, meals were selected based on a mix of nutrition, value for the money, and just plain old taste. See what you think, by checking out the list below:

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