Why Gun Control Is Dead

By Tom Knighton

No matter how much some people want to push for gun control, the era of it even remotely having a chance in hell are over. Not only are there too many guns already in circulation for any scheme to really work, technology has also had its say. Thanks to things like 3D printing, the era of tightly controlled firearms are over.

At the heart of the 3D printed firearm revolution is one name above all: Cody Wilson.

Over at Reason, they decided to talk about Cody and just why he’s effectively killed any reasonable expectation of gun control working.

“Gun control is not dead, gun control is undead,” explains Cody Wilson, the director of Defense Distributed. “We just keep killing it but it keeps coming back.”

Wilson, a crypto-anarchist and serial “troublemaker,” helped launch the age of the digital gun when he published files showing how to make the Liberator, a 3D-printed pistol, in 2013. It set off a panic in the media and in anti-gun political circles, and the State Department demanded Defense Distributed remove the files from their website.

But five years after the Liberator debut, the technological limitations of homemade firearms have started disappearing. The materials are cheaper and better, the machines are more precise, and the software is more advanced. Groups of hobbyist gun printers started gathering in IRC chats and internet forums, and are working together to make their own gun designs. It’s a new reality that hasn’t entirely filtered into public debates over gun control.

Watch the video on Wilson’s efforts:

Wilson’s comments about zombie gun control really hit home with me, as I’m sure it will with you. After all, how many times do we have to kill bogus arguments before they finally stay dead?

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