Strategies That Burglars Use To Case Rural Houses

By Ashley Hetrick

Strategies That Burglars Use To Case Rural Houses

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Living out in the country often means much more privacy than in an urban or suburban household. If your house is out of view of your neighbors, curtains can remain open and you can go about your business without any questions asked. Most of the time, being out of the prying eyes of busybody neighbors is a huge benefit to rural life.

That lack of visibility, combined with an opioid crisis in many of the most rural populations, leads to a lot of opportunistic petty theft and burglary. On the rural email bulletin in my town, there’s a notice at least once a week that a house was burglarized. Thankfully, the attempts aren’t often sophisticated and they’re usually desperate attempts at a quick buck than well-though-out break ins.

It’s always quick theft of small items. Inside the house, the medicine cabinet has been rifled through, and any small electronics that were in sight have been taken. Gas cans and chainsaws are often taken, too.

How does it happen so often? Persistence and a plausible excuse to come to your door.

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Some excuses are more plausible than others. When a middle-aged man comes to your door selling packs of M&Ms, he won’t make it more than a few houses before someone takes his license plate and notifies the police. A search of that man’s home then turns up a pile of stolen items.

Other techniques are more subtle.

Repair Men

It’s not uncommon for repair men to get lost looking for a house, especially on poorly signed rural routes. These days, you can order a magnetic car door sign and put it on any truck or van to pose as a repair man. “Tony’s Appliance Repair” can drive up to your door, knock and if Click to see the original article      

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