Terror victim to U.K: Are you funding my attackers?

By Art Moore

British Parliament in London

British Parliament in London

Kay Wilson, a British citizen living in Israel, and Kristine Luken, an American, were hiking west of Jerusalem when they were attacked by two members of a Palestinian Authority-based terror cell.

Kay Wilson

Luken was murdered in the Dec. 18, 2010, attack, and Wilson suffered severe wounds, having been stabbed 13 times, but survived.

Now, Wilson is asking the British Parliament to investigate whether funds the U.K. has provided to the Palestinian Authority are being used to promote terrorism and support jailed terrorists, reports Israel’s Arutz Sheva.

The answer appears to be yes, as Arutz Sheva notes the Palestinian Authority spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year in stipends and other benefits to jailed terrorists and their families.

Israel’s Defense Ministry found that the PA spent a total of $358 million, or about 7 percent of the PA’s total annual budget, on terrorist stipends last year.

Meanwhile, the U.S. contributes about $600 million annually to the PA, totaling more than $5.2 billion since 1994.

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Recalling the attack outside of Beit Shemesh, Wilson said she “somehow managed to get up – with 13 punctures in my lungs and diaphragm, over 30 broken bones, a crushed sternum, dislocated shoulder.”

“I managed to walk over a mile bound and gagged and barefoot through the forest,” she said.

“That was without a doubt the longest walk of my life – and it was a lonely, lonely walk because I thought I was going to die.”

PA defends payments

Last year, Arutz Sheva noted, PA President Mahmoud Abbas defended payments to terrorists and their families.

“Even if I will have to leave my Click to see the original article      

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