The Hyperbole Of The Hysterical Anti-Gun Left

By Tom Knighton

The anti-gun left has always been known for their hysteria. Their knee-jerk “Do Something”-ism is a staple of their political stance, particularly when it comes to guns. A single misuse of a gun can easily result in millions of dollars spent all focused on taking away the rights of people who have done absolutely nothing wrong.

While they’re at it, there’s often a fair bit of hyperbole on full display.

Take the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s Mike Luckovich and his take on the Sutherland Springs shooting.

Biting and nuanced commentary!

— Tsar Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) November 14, 2017

Becket Adams, for the record, is being sarcastic there. For the record, here are his words regarding the cartoon:

Get it? The NRA represents some thousands of legal and lawful gun owners across the U.S., so they’re, um, worse than al Qaeda and the Islamic State. Yes, the NRA is worse than two terrorist groups that have made their mark by marauding through the Middle East, killing, torturing, raping, and pillaging as they please, beheading and setting people on fire for the cameras.

A very fine and well-reasoned position!


For the record, the leadership of Al Quida directed attacks are responsible for how many murders conducted by their members? As of 2008, the most recent year I can find numbers for after a quick search, we’re looking at over 4,400 dead, most of them from 9/11. That number has almost certainly increased since then, but this will work for us for right now.

The leadership of ISIS has ordered attacks responsible for how many dead? Not counting people killed in the Syrian civil war in which ISIS is a major player, the New York Times reported more than 1,200 killed as of 2016. Again, that number is a bit Click to see the original article